Preparing for Fall and Winter

While getting ready for the cooler weather, and trying to clean up some of all that “stuff” that has somehow accumulated in my house, I stumbled on an old book of poems I wrote as a young adult that have been nestled away in my closet for 30+ years.  These poems have never seen the light of day, so I thought I would post this one.  We will see how it flies.

Angel Dove

Angel dove. Snow dove.
Beckon my call.
You are out in that sunrise.
Basking in the orange mist.

Let’s go ice fishing.
For a heart to heart.
Angel dove. Snow dove.
You pierce my ears with silence.

Fly me to the tundra.
Where the air is crisp.
And the wind whispers.
Of stories untold.

Let’s soar to the mountain peaks.
So statuesque.
Above the common folk.

Let’s master their glory.
Become one with the elements.
Weathered, mounded terrain.

Do not hold me.
Don not mold me.
Do not take form.

Speak poignantly snow dove.
Encompass all with your wings.

(c) Sandra Rodriguez. 2018

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