What Value Do You Add?

All the buzz these days is about framing your narrative, telling your story, development and sustainability.  It is as if all the newer ways of looking at your businesses and organizations have buried the underlying reasons why you even have a story to tell, or need to expand your revenue sources toward sustainability for non-profits and growth for businesses. Those underlying reasons are the “value” you offer to your customers or clients.

A value proposition is a business or marketing statement that an organization uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. For non-profits, your value propositions help people consider, engage, and better understand the services you offer.  For businesses, your value propositions are why people consider buying your products or services.

It’s time to dig out and reevaluate your business’s value propositions which just may be the most important element of your overall marketing efforts. Craft your value propositions “by audience” in a way that that audience can understand the value you will bring to them.

These ARE your elevator speeches depending on who you are riding the elevator with.

Answering the following questions may help:

  1. What makes your organization/business so special?
  2. What distinct benefits does our organization offer?
  3. What problems does our organization solve?
  4. Why your organization, and not another organization?

So, before you work on your development and sustainability plans, and before you craft and frame your narratives and stories – be crystal clear about the value people would be “missing out” on by NOT doing business with you, or NOT donating to your cause, or NOT selecting your services. The rest will come more naturally.


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